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Community News - November 2013

Additional Call of the Forsaken Bonus Items


By: Ry “Roshen” Schueller

For a limited time, we’ve added additional bonus gifts for picking up the latest EverQuest expansion, Call of the Forsaken. In addition to all of the other in-game rewards players get for purchasing this expansion, we’ve added the following bonus items.

  • Additional Mercenary Slot – With the addition of Mercenary Equipment in Call of the Forsaken, mercs play a bigger role in Norrath than ever before. Picking up the Call of the Forsaken expansion before the end of this promotion will award players with an additional Mercenary slot. 

Bottle of Adventure III

  • Bottle of Adventure III – With great adventures come great experiences. Why not pick up 50% more experience during your next great leveling session with an extra Bottle of Adventure III?


We haven’t forsaken those of you that have already picked up the expansion! After the end of this promotion, all accounts that have any version of this expansion enabled will receive both of these gifts. That means these bonus gifts will be awarded to all accounts with the Call of the Forsaken expansion, regardless of when the expansion was purchased. These bonuses will be awarded after the end of this promotion.

This is, however, a limited time offer. You have until Wednesday, December 11, 2013, at 11:59PM Pacific to pick up Call of the Forsaken for your account if you wish to receive these additional bonuses. For more information about Call of the Forsaken and in-game rewards associated with both the standard and collector’s edition versions of this expansion, see the page here