Looking to free up some extra space in your inventory? Wishing you could customize your character without having to give up stats?

Mount Key Rings and Illusion Key Rings are now available in the Marketplace for 1500 DBC! These Key Rings will not only grant you slots to store your mounts or illusions, but will also let you pair the visuals of one of your mounts or illusions with the stats of another.

The Illusion Key Ring and Mount Key Ring are also available with the purchase of EverQuest: The Broken Mirror, which is currently on sale for 50% off! Don’t miss your chance to get huge discounts on the Premium or Collector’s Edition of the expansion and the unique bonus items that come with it!

Playing in the past on a progression server? You can still get a Mount Key Ring that you’ll be able to use once mounts unlock on your server.

Please note that once EverQuest: Empires of Kunark becomes available for pre-order, the Mount and Illusion Key Ring will no longer be included with expansion purchases.