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Community News - June 2014

A Newbie in Norrath: Mutants and Mayhem


By: Erin “Stellara” Oakley


Hail, Norrathians! This week, I decided to make like a dwarf and venture underground once more to the familiar streets of Shadow Haven, the city beneath the surface of Luclin. 

Looks like the place hasn’t changed much since the last time I was here; bars and shops line the streets in the torchlit gloom, with guards posted every two steps to keep the peace. I check my map for a jeweler and find one in the Dwarven section of town. There’s just one problem: 

Dwarf House Stellara

I can’t seem to fit through the door!  Discouraged, I hail another Dwarven merchant. She replies, “I have something here that High Elves use...let me’s the EXIT, now get LOST!” Um, rude.   

Taking her suggestion, I check my map. Echo Caverns, huh? Sounds intriguing. I follow the glowing path, which leads me into a building. And then, straight into a wall. Must be a bug? 

Stellara Echo Caverns 

I run back outside and find no entrance there. But then, a light bulb goes on, and, like another famous magic-user trying to catch a train, I walk straight through the wall and into the Echo Caverns.  I suppose I am a magician, after all. 

The winding caves are well-named, and they do echo with strange noises. I find a curtained entrance, and the guard outside tells me that “the poor degenerate souls that live in this area don’t much care for outsiders.” Challenge Accepted. I push aside the curtain and carefully enter. 

Turns out this section is full of mutants and some shady looking characters. Being a friendly Elf, I cheerfully hail the Wood Elf, Adelin Crow. But that guard wasn’t kidding, because Adelin starts attacking me instantly! Luckily, I happen to be pretty adept at lighting people on fire, and my pet and I whittle him down to 7% health. Adelin takes off running, and we give chase: 

Stellara Adelin Crow 

Oh. Hi, guys. 

Stellara Train to Zone 


After recovering, I decide to get a little revenge and hunt some mutants (sorry, unnamed superhero group). Turns out there’s a Mutants and Outcasts faction, and mine takes a huge hit after this happens: 

Stellera Revenge 

But finally we make our way to the big boss of the caves. Everyone, cower before the terrifyingly-named… Roy. 

Fortunately, Roy is as flammable as Adelin was, and the fight is progressing nicely. However, a few seconds after attacking, I find myself feeling a little weird. We take out Roy, I get some nice loot, but I notice my pet and merc can’t stop staring at me. What? Is there something on my face? 

Stellara Mutant 

I think I might need to go see a Cleric. Till next time, Norrathians!