By: Ry “Roshen” Schueller


Player Studio

Player Studio offers players a chance to create their own signature pieces within many of SOE’s games. Thousands of items have been submitted through Player Studio, and when you purchase one in-game, 40% of the profits from that sale go to the player artist that created it! Check out the Player Studio items the player community purchased the most of during the month of November:

1. Celestial Robe Ornament

Celestial Robe Ornament

Made By: IceSy Designs

2. Santug's Helper Robes Ornament

Santug's Helper Robes Ornament

Made By: Rollen

3. Toxic Mists Robe Ornament

Toxic Mists Robe Ornament

Made By: IceSy Designs

4. Vampiric Robe Ornament

Vampiric Robe Ornament

Made By: Neko Zero

5. Robe of Fire Ornament

Robe of Fire Ornament

Made By: Rollen

6. Pale Moon Ornament

Pale Moon Ornament

Made By: Master Magnus

7. Flaming Wizard Robe Ornament

Flaming Wizard Robe Ornament

Made By: Oncrac

8. Scale Mail Robe Ornament

Scale Mail Robe Ornament

Made By: Master Magnus

9. Long Stone Wall Section

Long Stone Wall Section

Made By: Paul Samples

10. Ethereal Destroyer Ornament

Ethereal Destroyer Ornament

Made By: Rollen


These items were the top grossing EverQuest Player Studio items in the month of November 2014. Do you want to help support player artists? Then look for the Player Studio anvil displayed on items in the Marketplace and pick up one of those items today!

Are you an amazing artist? Do you want to create items for EverQuest and make money while you’re at it? Learn how at Player Studio artists earn 40% of the profits from the sales of their items, and it gives them the opportunity to share their vision of their favorite game and make it a permanent part of that world.