Journey for the first time to a part of Norrath where residents and visitors are constantly healed. Nothing decays, nothing dies. This is the Plane of Health.

In the 22nd EverQuest expansion, The Broken Mirror, players will begin their adventures in the Plane of Health. This is where the Touchstone of Health and the Cynosure of Health, items found in the Collector’s and Premium editions of the new expansion, will transport you.

Plane of Health 3

Once you’ve arrived in the Plane of Health, begin talking to the natives. See if they can help you understand what this plane represents. A few may even have information to share about Anashti Sul, a new acquaintance of Rodcet Nife. And while you can feel the presence of Rodcet Nife as you walk through the Plane, you won’t encounter him here.

Plane of Health 2

While you’re in the Plane of Health, you may notice that the residents here feel energetic, virile, and vibrant. This is because everyone in the Plane of Health is constantly healed; while here, nobody dies. Enjoy the Plane of Health while you can, for dark and dangerous paths lie beyond…

Plane of Health Preview


In the Plane of Health, you will come upon a small, oddly-shaped crypt. What could be in here? Where could it lead? And who (or what) could be waiting within?

Plane of Health 1

The Broken Mirror is now available for pre-order. Pre-ordering this expansion will get you access to Beta, which begins on Wednesday, October 21! Get your copy today.