Progression server beta is now live! This server will be available to all players regardless of membership until at least Wednesday, May 20, 2015, and we want YOUR feedback!

Ragefire or Nagafen

How Do I Log In?

First you’ll need to download the EQ beta installer found here.

We recommend copying your live EverQuest folder into a new folder and installing Beta to that folder in order to save download time. Make sure that you have full control rights to the folder and subfolders, and that you run Launchpad as an administrator.

How Can I Submit My Feedback?

The two best places to get us your feedback for this beta test are Reddit and the Daybreak Community Issue Tracker. We prefer these tools for beta feedback, because they both let the community up or down vote issues, so those bugs that are the biggest concerns to the community get the most attention from us.

EverQuest Subreddit

EQ Issue Tracker

/bug is also active on beta, and this is a great way to bring our attention to specific NPCs when you check “send target info” in your report.

How Do I Get More Info About this Beta and Ragefire?

Additional information about beta can be found in Aristo’s post here.

We’ll see you on the progression server beta server!