The Tempest Festival is a time to spread the blessings of Karana.

To participate in the Tempest Festival, heroes will need to travel to the Barren Coast and seek out Rand Tanlonikan. When the rains came to the Buried Sea, all sorts of trouble bubbled up from the deep and now he needs some help. Be careful that his task does not drive you to madness.

Loyelle Tanlonikan has also been enjoying the lights of the storms reflecting in the water. She has seen some strange sights and is offering players a chance to investigate. 

Be sure you keep an eye trained to the ground throughout the Barren Coast or you will miss the crusty Buried Sea seashells you will need to complete a collection!

Next up, be sure to speak to Rosalind Mischeva in the Plane of Knowledge. You can help her by finding the Mischeva Clan that is traveling through Freeport, Qeynos, Crescent Reach, Rivervale, and the Plane of Knowledge as they help to spread the blessings of Karana.

NOTE: Quests and achievement from Rand are available to players level 55 and over. Mission and Achievements from Loyelle are available to players level 100 and over. These are all available on servers which have unlocked The Buried Sea.

Grab a pint, bang your weapons against your shields, and let the heralding for the Throne of Karana’s Fury begin!