What Are EverQuest's Progression Servers?

EverQuest has a long, storied history. What began with the original launch of the game in the spring of 1999 continues over eighteen years and twenty-three expansions later. In that time, we have seen numerous eras, expansions, worlds, and characters as the game and the community have evolved. 

EverQuest Progression Servers invite everyone to go back and relive those bygone eras again. For some, they are a wonderful stroll down memory lane, a chance to relive memories of the past. For others, they are a chance to make those memories for the first time, to see those legendary times they missed the first time around. For everyone, EverQuest Progression Servers are an invitation to start anew in what is unquestionably one of the most incredible gaming experiences, ever. 

This guide will walk you through your various options regarding Progression Servers - because, yes, there are more than one! - and keep you up to date on how each one works. 


EverQuest Progression Servers: Overview

Q: What is an EverQuest Progression Server?

An EverQuest Progression Server is a special server that launches with only a subset of the game's content (usually just the game's original zones). Additional content and expansions then unlock over time, depending on the specific rules of the various servers. This allows players to enjoy each era and expansion in order, similar to how the game evolved originally. 

Q: What are the differences between the Progression Servers?

Each Progression Server launched at a different time, has reached a different point in progression, and has a different set of rules to tailor the experience to different interests. 


  • Launched: May 24, 2023
  • Ruleset: Evolving Ruleset Progression Server - Legacy Characters and Encounter Locking beginning at launch. Each expansion unlock yields an additional bonus to the server with each bonus being cumulative to those already on the server. New expansions unlock automatically every 8-12 weeks with early expansions unlocking more often, and only one EverQuest client may be run per computer.
  • Experience: Evolving Progression (Evolving Ruleset, Unlock Schedule, and True Box Details)


  • Launched: May 25, 2022
  • Ruleset: True-Box Level Locked, Time Locked Progression Server - Accelerated rate of expansion and level unlocks up to level 60 at which time expansions and level unlocks return to a normal rate of 8 and 12 weeks. Level is capped at 10 levels below the original level cap of the newest opened expansion, and only one EverQuest client may be run per computer.
  • Experience: Progression (Faster than Classic, slower than Live)


  • Launched: May 25, 2022
  • Ruleset: True-Box Timelocked Progression - New expansions unlock automatically every 8-12 weeks with early expansions unlocking more often, and only one EverQuest client may be run per computer.
  • Experience: Progression (Faster than Classic, slower than Live)


  • Launched: May 26, 2021
  • Ruleset: Random Timelocked Progression - New expansions unlock automatically every 12 weeks. Loot from rares and raids is randomized so that NPCs/raids of similar level and expansion can drop any of their loot.
  • Experience: Progression (Faster than Classic, slower than Live)


  • Launched: May 26, 2021
  • Ruleset: Random Loot Timelocked Progression - New expansions unlock automatically every 12 weeks. Loot from rares and raids is randomized so that NPCs/raids of similar level and expansion can drop any of their loot.
  • Experience: Progression (Faster than Classic, slower than Live)


  • Launched: May 27, 2020
  • Ruleset: Timelocked Progression - New expansions unlock automatically every 12 weeks. 
  • Experience: Progression (Faster than Classic, slower than Live)


  • Launched: May 27, 2020
  • Ruleset: Timelocked Progression - New expansions unlock automatically every 12 weeks.
  • Experience: Progression (Faster than Classic, slower than Live)


  • Launched: March 16, 2019
  • Ruleset: Timelocked Progression - New expansions unlock automatically every 12 weeks.
  • Experience: Progression (Faster than Classic, slower than Live)


  • Launched: May 24, 2017
  • Ruleset: Planes of Power Era-Locked True Box Timelocked Progression - New expansions unlock automatically about every 12 weeks, only one EverQuest client may be run per computer, and expansions will stop unlocking with Lost Dungeons of Norrath in the Planes of Power era. 
  • Experience: Progression (Faster than Classic, slower than Live)


  • Launched: May 21, 2015
  • Ruleset: Voting Timelocked Progression - New expansions are voted to be unlocked about 12 weeks after the previous expansion's raid targets are defeated. 
  • Experience: Progression (Faster than Classic, slower than Live)


Q: What is a Random Loot Progression Server?

This is a server where loot has been randomized across rares and raids. These NPCs of similar levels and expansions have a chance to drop the same loot. Rares also are more likely to spawn.

Q: What is a PoP-Locked Progression Server?

This is a server where expansion content stops unlocking after “Planes of Power” era content.

On the unlock schedule for this server, the following expansions will become available: The Ruins of Kunark, The Scars of Velious, The Shadows of Luclin, The Planes of Power, The Legacy of Ykesha, Lost Dungeons of Norrath.

After all of these expansions have unlocked, expansion content will NOT continue to unlock on the Agnarr server.

Q: What is a True Box Progression Server?

This is a server where each player will only be able to play one EverQuest account from his or her computer at a time. We want to encourage players to play with their friends on this server, and not just form groups of only their alts.

Q: What is a Voting Timelocked Progression Server?

This is a server where players vote on whether or not to open the next expansion. If the vote passes, the expansion unlocks. If the vote fails, it will be held again at a later time. 

Q: What purchases are required to play on Progression Servers?

Players must have All Access Membership to access Progression Servers.

All Access includes additional great benefits, like 10% off most Marketplace purchases, and a claimable 500DBC grant each month! For more details and to sign up for membership, visit www.everquest.com/membership.


EverQuest Progression Servers: Gameplay Details

Q: What is the difference between a Progression Server and a Standard Server?

Standard servers have all race/class combinations available, and players can reach the maximum level cap (currently 105) with no restrictions. Features we added later in the game to speed the path from 1-50 (or 70, or 85, or...) such as revamped Newbie quests, Defiant armor, and Hot Zones, all exist.

A Progression Server usually starts out with only original EverQuest zones (plus some early additions). In cases where we feel additions were too powerful when backfilled into an era, we have done our best to remove them or disable them in other ways until the appropriate time.

Q: What is the difference between a Progression Server and a "Classic" Server?

By most descriptions, a "Classic" server is an attempt to recreate EverQuest exactly as it was at launch, using only assets and content that was available in March of 1999.

A Progression Server is another EverQuest server, and therefore runs alongside existing servers. It contains many changes that have been made to the game since 1999, such as maps, Krono, a more configurable UI, the removal of "hell levels" and race/class experience penalties, custom chat channels and serverwide or cross-server communication, the ability to memorize spells via right-clicks, the ability to "Find" specific NPCs or locations, and many other enhancements.

In cases where we have updated or changed the layout of zones, Progression Servers use the updated version of the zone geometry. In cases where we have changed items or player abilities, Progression Servers use those updated abilities. In cases where items were completely removed, those items will either stay removed or be available for a very limited time on Progression Servers. In cases where zone population was changed, you may not find all of the NPCs you remember in exactly the same places they were before, or you may encounter new NPCs with new loot that wasn't there before.

Q: How will you be handling so many players? What is /Pickzone?

Zones now have a form of load-balancing that can spawn another version of a zone when the current zone gets too full.

Once those zones reach a certain threshold of players (it varies based on the size of the zone), it will spawn another version of itself. You will be able to choose which version of the zone you want to enter upon zoning in, or you will be able to use the /pickzone command to choose another version of the zone you are in. This should let people group up with friends but still be able to find things to kill and see plenty of other players.

We have also enabled technology to dynamically increase the maximum number of characters allowable on a server at any given time. Between these two new systems, we expect to be able to handle most of the players who want to play on the new server on the first day.

Q: Can I transfer my existing character to Progression Servers?

Generally, no. These servers are fresh servers where all players will begin their adventures from level 1. That said, it is generally possible to transfer to a server launched at the same time, with equal or less restrictive rulesets, or to live.

Q: How does raid instancing work?

The system will allow a full raid (72 players) into an instance. You will need at least 6 players in your raid to request a raid instance, and the players in your raid need to be level 46 or higher.

When you request a raid instance, the player that requested it, and his or her entire raid, will be given an account-wide request lockout for that specific raid for 2.5 days.

Each “boss” in the zone will grant a 6.5 day account-wide lockout. For the most part, this is just the big boss (Lord Nagafen, for example) and the stuff in his/her/its immediate vicinity.

Q: How have pets changed over time?

Quite a lot, but in short, your pet will stay with you when zoning, logging out, or if you become invisible. If your pet decides it won't equip an item you give it, it will give you the item back. Additionally, several adjustments have been made to the power curve of pets prior to the release of the Shadows of Luclin expansion.

Q: How have pets changed for Progression Servers?

Raid targets on progression servers now have the ability "Mark of the Old Ways". This will reduce the power of summoned companions with increasing severity based on the total number of summoned companions that are attacking the raid target.

Q: I died but all of my items stayed with me. Is this a bug?

No, you no longer have to find your corpse in order to retrieve your items if you die. If you are level 6 or above, though, you did lose experience and you can be resurrected to restore a portion of that experience.

Q: Which versions of zones are present on Progression Servers?

Zones that were graphically revamped (Freeport, Commonlands, Nektulos, Lavastorm, Ro) will be in their revamped form. Our progression servers have to co-exist with live servers, so we need to have the same geometry running on all of them. In cases where the geometry was the same but population changed, we will use the original populations where possible:

  • Splitpaw - First revamped form (with the Ishva Mal).
  • Cazic-Thule - The form after Rubicite was removed.
  • The Hole - First form (with Master Yael).
  • Plane of Hate - Current layout, with population after first loot revamp.
  • Plane of Fear - Population after the first loot revamp.
  • Droga/Nurga - Original population.
  • Firiona Vie - Original population.
  • Veeshan's Peak - Original population, but no death restrictions.
  • Plane of Mischief - Original population, without the "easy" entrance.
  • Grimling Forest - Original population.

Zones that are set up in this manner will transition to their current datasets in roughly the same timeframe as they originally changed.

Q: Will you be removing changes made to game functions?

In most cases, no. For instance, the UI will be current, you will not leave your items on your corpse when you die, coin will not have weight, and the advanced loot system will be in place. If it is a modern system that is enabled on live servers for everyone, it will be in place.

Features that were added with expansions, such as the Bazaar (Luclin) and armor dye (LoY) are scheduled to unlock when those expansions are unlocked. The following will be enabled day one:

  • The Raid window
  • Maps
  • Augmentations
  • AAs (most abilities are restricted by level or expansion)
  • Saving recipes in tradeskill containers
  • Audio Triggers
  • Many Achievements (but not kill or collect achievements)
  • Hotbar revamps (but not item clicking in bags)
  • Guild rank customizations

Because leadership AAs were introduced as an expansion feature but later added for free to everyone, they will be available at launch as well.

Q: When will classes or races that were not available at launch be available on Progression Servers?

Not until the server progresses to the point at which the race, class, or combination was added.

  • Iksar will launch with Kunark.
  • Gnome Shadowknights, Gnome Paladins, Halfling Rangers, and Halfling Paladins will launch with Luclin.
  • Beastlords and Vah Shir will launch with Luclin.
  • Frogloks will launch with Legacy of Ykesha.
  • Berserkers will launch with Gates of Discord.
  • Drakkin will launch with the Serpent's Spine. 

Q: Will Veteran Rewards be enabled on Progression Servers? What about holiday events like fabled mobs or hardcore heritage? 

Veteran Rewards will become available once Gates of Discord is unlocked. Holiday events will similarly become available around the expansion they originally launched on live. 

Q: Can I claim loot rewards from Legends of Norrath on Progression Servers?

No. LoN provides rewards that are not “in era” for Progression Servers. 

Q: Will Recruit-A-Friend or other account-based bonuses apply to Progression Servers?

No. These and account bonuses will not apply to characters on Progression Servers.

Q: Why can't you make a Progression Server that does X? Lots of people like X!

We can. We might! There is a very wide selection of people who are interested in each new Progression Server. We know that there is a very wide range of opinions about what a Progression Server could and/or should be. Our plan is to create servers where people can have the Progression Server experience they want, without pulling the rug out from under the feet of players that are happy on the server where they currently play.

Q: I found a piece of equipment that my character can't use, but I was able to equip it anyway! Is this a bug?

No, it's not a bug. While you may be able to wear it, the item will not give you any benefits. You can tell when an item isn't usable by you for some reason when it turns that slot yellow in your inventory.

Q: There are some augmentation vendors in home cities. Weren't augs a later addition?

Yes, augmentations weren't added to the game until Lost Dungeons of Norrath, but these augmentation vendors were created specifically for Progression servers with the intent to even out the disparity between casters and melee weapon users.

Q: How do I use an augmentation? I can’t find augmentation sealers.

You don't need to use an item in the world to insert augmentations into items anymore. Just move the augmentation into that item's aug slot and it will pop in! You will need to find an augmentation distiller to remove an augmentation from a weapon, but if you have the correct distiller in your inventory you can remove that aug at any time in any place.

Q: What are all of these Spell Research Merchants doing here?

The spell research system is one of the few tradeskills where we could not keep both the old version and the new version working at the same time. While you can still use words, pages, and runes to create practice runes to gain research skill, you must use the new system to make new spells. You may see many items such as "exquisite platinum etched rune" and "gold embossed runes" on some creatures. These replaced the old runes, words, or pages that no longer are useful for research and are intended to be sold freely.

Q: Why are these Soulbinders here?

While soulbinders are a more recent addition to the game, we feel that they provide a necessary service for players at all levels who can't bind themselves in a new town.

Q: What are these Noble Exchange Merchants?

Nobles are a recent addition to the game that are meant to allow players to make very large value transfers (over two million platinum) that weren't possible before. While we don't expect them to be needed for that purpose on Agnarr, most of the Noble Exchange NPCs already existed in the world and they now allow players to send and receive parcels in addition to their service as merchants.

Q: There are NPCs up that were added for later quests. Is this okay?

Yes, even though many NPCs have been added to the game for quests that are not yet available (including epic quests), we have not removed most of the NPCs that exist for those quest purposes in the original continents. You're free to "pre-loot" as many items as you wish.

Q: Sometimes I click on the blue text when I talk to an NPC but they don't respond?

In original EverQuest content, many NPCs did not tell you exactly what they would respond to. Although we have added brackets that should lead you to the correct phrase, in some cases you will have to experiment with what you say to get a response. We have been gradually correcting these over time, so if you find any that are still not updated, please let us know on the forums.

Q: Are Race change potions available on Progression Servers?

Yes, Race change potions are available on Progression Servers. Please note that only unlocked races will be available to change to. 

Q: I think I found a bug/problem. How do I report it?

Head to the bug section of the official forums, then search for, vote up, or post your bug.

The more information you can provide, the quicker it can be confirmed and sent to us. It's also a good practice to use /bug, particularly if a specific NPC is involved. If you have that NPC targeted and check the "Send target information" box in a /bug, it helps us find and fix the problem much more quickly.


Want to discuss additional questions you have? Please do so in the Progression Server forums!