By: Ry “Roshen” Schueller


We’re halfway through the Fifteen Days of Holiday Cheer! Each day during this promotion kicks off something special for EverQuest players. There’s bound to be something here that everyone can enjoy!

As mentioned in the previous article, this is the Year of EverQuest! To celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of EverQuest, we’re wrapping up the year with FIFTEEN days of holiday cheer. Check out what else is waiting for you in Norrath this holiday…

Friday, December 19 - Double Experience Weekend!

Bonus XP

Who doesn’t love bonus experience weekends? Starting at 10AM PST on Friday, December 19 and running until 2PM PST on Monday, December 22, 2014 get TWICE the experience you normally would as you adventure in Norrath!

Saturday, December 20 – General Services 25% Off!

Saturday only take up to 25% off everything in the Services/General Category. This includes:

  • Potion of Amnesia
  • Potion of Disgenderment
  • Witness Protection Pack
  • Character Transfer Token
  • Transmogrification Scroll
  • Potion of Companion's Amnesia
  • Potion of Mercenary Amnesia
  • Alternate Ability Cap Increase
  • Spell Rank Cap Increase
  • Task Cap Increase
  • Perfected Augmentation Distiller

Sunday, December 21 – Delivery Vouchers and Bayle Marks Up To 30% Off

If you’re looking to stock up on either Delivery Vouchers or Bayle Marks, Sunday is the best day to do it! Take up to 30% off these items. Save more by picking these up in bundles.

Monday, December 22 – Mercenary Slots and Character Slots 25% Off

Have you been waiting to pick up extra slots for mercenaries or new characters? Well, then you’re in luck because this Monday these services are 25% off!

Tuesday, December 23 – XP Potions on Sale Up to 25% Off

Stock up on a variety of XP potions this Tuesday! Take 25% off Bottle of Adventure and Bottle of Shared Adventure I & II.

What zones will you adventure in while taking advantage of the benefits of these potions?

Wednesday, December 24 – Paintings Up to 50% Off

Are the walls in your home looking a little bare? If so, check out the paintings that the Marketplace offers, and pick some up for up to 50% off this day only!

Thursday, December 25 – Up to 50% Off Marketplace Items With Dragon In Their Name

Take a dragon-sized discount (up to 50%!) on the following items with dragon in their name, found in the Marketplace!

  • Dragon Sword Ornament
  • Dragonscale Skystrider
  • Komodo Dragon Saddle
  • Death Dragon Shield Ornament
  • Pot of Dragon Gold
  • Dragonfly Saddle
  • Shield of Dragon Gaze Ornament

Friday, December 26 – Legends of Norrath Packs

Legends of Norrath

Save big when you purchase Legend of Norrath packs for ONLY 99SC from Friday until Sunday, December 28 at 11:59PM PST. Also save up to 66% on Tournament Packs and Booster Boxes.

During these Fifteen Days of Holiday Cheer, there’s something for everyone! As we wrap up 2014 and the Year of EverQuest, what were your highlights from the year?