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Community News - April 2014

Are You Ready for New Player Designed Content?


By: Ry “Roshen” Schueller

15th Anniversary Player Mission NPCs

For a limited time, play through unique missions and quests that were designed by players during our 2013 SOE Live "Design a Mission" panel. In addition, there’s a special achievement for finding all of the hidden parts from these player designed quests and missions. Can you find all of the secrets hidden in this content, while it’s still available in game?

Starting After the All Access Patch (more info on this here).

Sprucing Up Shakey

Poor Shakey. His best days are behind him, and even though he’s been stuffed full of hay many times over, he’s still just as old and tired as ever. Reebo Leafsway in the Plane of Knowledge would like to see Shakey restored to his former glory. Do you have what it takes to spruce Shakey up?

This is a mission for players that are level 65 and higher.

Magically Delicious

Jimothy the Delicious in the Plane of Knowledge is a walking and talking gingerbread man with a sweet disposition. Sometimes even delicious delights can be interested in helping others locate sweets and treats to win the affections of their true love. It would simply crumble Jimothy’s gingerbread heart not to be able to find Norrathians to assist in this noble endeavor.

This is a quest for players that are level 80 and higher.

What Happens In Neriak…

A diplomatic crisis is brewing in Neriak! Someone has stolen sensitive documents from Ambassador Rylan, and they must be recovered before their contents become public knowledge. Will you return the documents to the Ambassador, or use them for leverage in true Neriak fashion? Sayden G'Noir in Nektulos Forest seeks your help.

This is a quest for players that are level 75 and higher.

Starting April 30, 2014

A Ranger’s Tale

Fen Sightwell is a noble ranger that chased a storm dragon to East Karana. In his encounter with the dragon he was struck down, and his magical bow was broken and tossed into the wilderness. Sarissa in the Plane of Knowledge hopes that you will be able to retrieve and repair the bow in order to destroy the dragon once and for all.

This is a mission for players that are level 65 and higher.

Defending Knowledge

Armies from the chaotic planes are attempting to launch an all-out assault against the Plane of Knowledge. Bjerg Sen, the Tranquil has sent out a call for adventurers to travel to the Plane of Tranquility to defend the portal. Will you do your part and defend the Plane of Knowledge from those that would seek to conquer it?

This is a mission for players that are level 75 and higher.

Once these 15th Anniversary missions and quests start they will be live in game until Wednesday, June 11, 2014!

Remember to check back, because we always have something interesting for players to explore or accomplish in game.