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Community News - September 2014

August’s Top 10 Selling EverQuest Player Studio Items


By: Jennifer “Yaviey” Bridges

Player Studio

For the past year and a half, Player Studio has offered players a chance to create their own signature within many of SOE’s games. Since late 2012, thousands of items have been submitted. As you know however, only the best make it into the games themselves. This month, there’s a variety of wondrous EverQuest finds to add to your Norrathian collection:

1.            Ethereal Destroyer Ornament

Ethereal Destroyer Ornament

Made By: Rollen

2.            Imperial Neriak Executioner Blade Ornament

Imperial Neriak Executioner Blade Ornament

Made By: Rollen

3.            Sdace’s Spear of Destiny Ornament

Sdace’s Spear of Destiny Ornament 

Made By: Rollen

4.            Kingslayer Ornament

Kingslayer Ornament

Made By: Paul Samples

5.            Zapper's Wondrous Shield of Thaumaturgy Ornament

Zapper's Wondrous Shield of Thaumaturgy Ornament

Made By: Rollen

6.            Thorn Mauler Ornament

Thorn Mauler Ornament

Made By: Rollen

7.            Stone Wall Section

Stone Wall Section

Made By: Paul Samples

8.            Crying Phoenix Ornament

Crying Phoenix Ornament

Made By: Rollen

9.            Gatehouse


Made By: Paul Samples

10.          Neriak’s Imperial Defender Ornament

Neriak’s Imperial Defender Ornament

Made By: Rollen


Do you like what you see? These above items were the top selling EverQuest Player Studio items in the month of August 2014. Help support player artists today and purchase these items, and other Player Studio items, in the EverQuest Marketplace.

Are you an amazing artist? Do you want to create items for EverQuest and make money while you’re at it? Player Studio artists make 40% off of sales from items in SOE games. Learn how at Player Studio gives you the opportunity to share your vision of your favorite game and make it a permanent part of that world.

Which of these above items is your favorite and why? Sound off in the comments section of this post on the official EverQuest forums!