Looking for an in-game pet of the avian variety? Pick up a “Bird in a Cage” from the Marketplace for a limited time!

Bird in a Cage Result 1

Bird in a Cage can be purchased for 349 DBC. Each Bird in a Cage item gives players a random flying familiar. Collect sets of them for special achievements and titles!

Looking for another pet that’s not a bird? You can turn in any of the items you receive from Bird in a Cage to Lynea in the Commonlands tunnel for currency that can be used for other cute companions.

Also, look for some pets that just wish they were birds… but have found a home in “Bird in a Cage” items.

Bird in a Cage Result 2

Don’t miss your chance to pick up these unique pets. These will be retired from the Marketplace on Wednesday, August 3, 2016 at 11:59PM PDT.