By: Erin “Stellara” Oakley


After creating my brand new Magician, I log in. To my pleasant surprise, there’s a tutorial zone that wasn’t there before! I watch the intro cinematic and learn that I’ve been thrown into Kobold jail, but I have to say, ending up in a cell with a shirtless Barbarian guy isn’t the worst possible fate… 

Arias and I take out the guard and make our escape, and I set about exploring the Mines of Gloomingdeep. The old “Hail” mechanic makes me smile with nostalgia, but I do notice you can just click to continue the conversation now. (I accidentally attacked way too many guards by starting to type “what” back in the day.)  

Thelmer, my mercenary, isn’t the best conversationalist, but he makes life as a fragile Mage so much easier! I’ve always liked the strong silent types.  

Stellara's Merc

With Baldy taking the hits for me, I quickly fall back into my old rhythm of spell casting. Combat is slower than what I’m used to, but I find it strangely zen. I fill my backpack with bat and rat parts to bring to Vahlara, who gives me a pair of fancy pants in exchange. I think I got the better end of that deal!


On a whim, I decide to say “hi” to the cute dragon and receive a quest! I have to say, the exploration is fun… no obvious quest givers, no handholding, just exploring. I continue to work through the Gloomingdeep quests, picking up some armor and levels for my trouble. I’m surprised at the lack of new spells until I remember - gotta purchase them! Ah, it’s all coming back to me now. But what’s this? Summon: Elementalkin?

Genartik Stellara's Pet 

Gonartik! It’s been way too long, buddy! 

Between Thelmer and my little fiery friend, we make quick work of the cave critters. I have to stop to Meditate a few times, which amuses me: I wouldn’t feel very relaxed in a cave full of spiders the size of my dog, but apparently Stellara has no problems. We even manage to kill Queen Gloomfang twice, although both Thelmer and Gonartik took one for the team on the first try. That’s the nice thing about being a Magician: lose your friends?  Make some more! (Literally.)

Queen Gloomfang 

The mines are fun (and the tutorials are incredibly helpful!), but I’m already itching to get above ground and out into the world. If you see Stellara running around on Erollisi Marr, feel free to say hi! Veteran players, which low-level zones should I check out first? 


Till next time,