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Community News - July 2014

Celebrate SDCC the Norrathian Way


By: Ry “Roshen” Schueller

This weekend is San Diego Comic Con, one of the largest conventions for comics and popular entertainment. One of the things this show is known for is the quality of costumes that fans design and wear at this show.

Why let SDCC attendees have all the fun though? Starting Friday and running until Sunday, July 27, 2014 at 11:59PM PDT, take up to 50% off all illusion items in game for players and pets in the Marketplace!

What illusion items are you favorite in game? Here are a few awesome ones that are discounted this weekend:

Petamorph Wand - Undead Gingerbread Man

Petamorph Wand - Undead Gingerbread Man: I recommend that nobody eats this mean cookie.

Polymorph Wand - Blood Red Bellikos

Polymorph Wand - Blood Red Bellikos: This is a costume that would definitely get you invited to the Masquerade.   

Petamorph Wand - Steamwork Soldier

Petamorph Wand - Steamwork Soldier: You’ll be full steam ahead in game, when your pet looks like a sweet robotic minion.

Also, if you happen to actually be in the area for the SDCC weekend, consider visiting us at our San Diego office for SOE Block Party 2014. We’ll have our own costume contest here, and you wouldn’t believe what our fans will win for wearing the best costumes!