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Community News - January 2018

The Broker's Backpack Set is Now Available!


If you've been having trouble hauling around all your items or have been looking for a way to level up faster, you're in luck! The Broker's Backpack Set is now available for purchase.

The set contains one Broker's Backpack (a 40-slot 100% weight reduction bag) and Three Bottles of Adventure II (a bundle of three 25% experience potions). These items are claimable on ANY server!

The Broker's Backpack Set can be purchased once per account, even if you previously picked up a Time-Locked Server Adventure Pack.


You can pick up your own Broker's Backpack by visiting the EQ Store here! 

Plus, if you're an All Access Member, you'll receive an additional 10% off of the set! You can learn more about the perks of becoming an All Access Member here.