Do you feel that? Love is in the air! It is once again the special time of year when lovers honor and celebrate Erollisi Marr, the Goddess of Love. You too can join in the festivities, as Erollisi Day celebrations have commenced!

Erollisi Day celebrations are already in full swing, and will continue through 11:00 PM PST on Tuesday, February 16, 2021!

If you've got your heart set on a shopping spree, you can head to the Marketplace now! Special items for all of Norrath's lovers - from champagne to books of poetry - have made their way into the in-game Marketplace. Although love is patient, you'll still want to hurry! These items will only be available through February 17, 2021!

Want to know more about Erollisi Day events? Visit Fanra’s EverQuest Wiki for all the details!


With our hearts full of love, we bid all Norrathians a wonderful Erollisi Day!