With decorations around the dining room and on the table, the Autumn leaves gently blowing in the breeze just outside the window, and the delicious smells of the impending regale emanating from the kitchen . . .

. . . oh, wait. This ain’t a Norman Rockwell painting! Nope, this is Feast of Giving: EverQuest style! Cue the baddies of Norrath as you sharpen your swords, wield your staves, and hold up your maces. You’ve got some slaying to do!

Feast of Giving returns and the fluffy name is just our way of merely expressing how much we appreciate you. In reality, though, we do genuinely appreciate you, but you’re gonna have to face off against some villainous foes in order to reap the love. That’s right, starting today and ending on November 27, 2022 at 11:00 p.m. PST, here is what’s new for this year’s event:

  • The frogloks of Rathe Mountains have decided that this is the season to reach out to the ogres and trolls of Innothule Swamp. They have sent the young froglok, Zok Glooria, to bring the feast to those bashers and bouncers now inhabiting the swamp. She may need a little assistance in making sure that the feasts are delivered without being feasted upon. She offers two new quests that have been set to be accepted by all character levels. Once the bouncers have been fed, Bouncer Mako offers a follow-up quest.
  • While visiting the wetland, keep an eye out for a new collection of Froglok Snacks.

While the temperature outside may be cooling down, the heat is still raging in-game! So, get out there and enjoy the benefits of Feast of Giving. And remember, we cannot thank you enough for being a part of this incredible journey and adventure!


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