We know many of you have been waiting somewhat patiently for the Fippy Fest tickets to go up for sale, as patiently as the person in the old ‘Open! Open! Open!’ commercial from the 1990’s, that is. The day has finally arrived, and we are happy to announce that both digital and in-person ticket sales have begun.

Click on over to the Fippy Fest website for details on how to get your tickets as well as what valuable loot is included in each of the digital packs. Spoiler Alert! You get the digital items for BOTH games, so be sure to check out EverQuest II's digi-loot HERE! Please remember that the in-person tickets are very limited in quantity and are first come, first served. Once they are sold out, they are gone for this event.

We look forward to seeing you all either digitally or in person in June!

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