When the thought of a role-playing game with multiple online users playing simultaneously in lands called Norrath first dawned on the brilliant minds of game developers in the 1990s, no one would have dared imagine that we would still be celebrating the creation of EverQuest® 25 years later! This wonderful game we all love has helped pave the way for MMOs around the globe to this very day! This includes EverQuest® II, which celebrates its second decade! With such a banner year upon us for both games, we want to dip our proverbial toes back into the waters of get-togethers, but in a more digital sense.

While in-person events are great, we would like more of you to be able to join us in celebration of these feats. Therefore, we're honored to host the very first digital Fippy Fest on June 15th, 2024! Tune in as we look to the past and forward to the future of these games. We are planning on Q&A panels akin to those at Fan Faire's of the past. While watching the stream will not require ticketed access, every purchasable edition will include access to ask questions LIVE** AND some sweet digital in-game loot to show off on top. 

Visage of Brell Serilis

While we are focused on the digital aspect of this first Fippy Fest, we also plan to have a very limited number of tickets available for in-person attendance of the event and some pre-livestream activities. Mingle and chat with staff, meet some of the team helping to keep the games we all love alive, and ask questions live and in-person to the game team! We are keeping the in-person event small and intimate as we delve back into the realm of in-person events.

Tickets for both the digital and in-person events will go on sale on February 28, 2024, at 6:00 p.m. PST. Keep your eyes peeled for the link!

A hearty THANK YOU from all of us to all of you for continuing to make the EverQuest® Franchise thrive with your support and loyalty! We look forward to continuing this relationship long into the future! We could not do what we love without you all playing the games you love! Here’s to 25 more years!

**Q&A questions will be read in the order they are received. All questions may not be read due to the number, length, and available time. Daybreak Games employees reserve the right to remove questions that we deem are abusive, inflammatory, or otherwise inappropriate.

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