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Community News - August 2017

New Marketplace Item: Half Elf Crate


Looking to pick up some unique new Half Elf themed items? The Ayr`Dal Heritage Crate is now available in the Marketplace on all servers for 799 DBC!


Bridle of Ursus Antonicus Mount


 Curious as to what you'll have a shot at snagging? Each crate will include one of the following items:


  • 1 of 12 suits of Hero's Forge Velious Half Elf Armor including male and female versions of cloth, leather, ringmail, scalemail, chain, and plate*
  • 1 of 5 Half Elf themed familiars
  • A Painting, a brazier, and two banners that teleport the user to the location these objects appear in Norrath
  • A music box that plays one of the songs from Surefall Glade
  • A “Bridle of Ursus Antonicus” dark bear mount
  • A “Wiltedblossom Wreath” Kirathas elf illusion


The rarest items in the crate are the Bridle of Ursus Antonicus mount and the Wiltedblossom Wreath illusion.


Wiltedblossom Wreath Illusion


You can purchase the Ayr`Dal Heritage Crate on any server! On servers where The Shadows of Luclin has not yet unlocked, the mount cannot be adopted or used until the expansion becomes available. All of the crate items are tradable until they have been claimed or worn, and all of the items except for the suits of armor can be placed in housing.


This crate will only available in the Marketplace until Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 11:59PM PT. Grab yours while you can!



*These suits require the Hero’s Forge armor feature to be unlocked on your character before you can use this appearance gear.