Do you know EverQuest, like REALLY know EverQuest? How about the lore surrounding locations, NPCs, and more? Well, this is your chance to put your knowledge to work for some sweet loot! 

Once a month, during server downtime on patch day, we will ask a lore-related trivia question on the forums. The first player to respond correctly, with correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation, will win a code for one of the following, which will change monthly: 

  • Goblet of Adventure II 
  • Potion of Energy 
  • Perfected Augmentation Distiller 
  • Heritage Crate Choice 

Of course, we need to have some guidelines to follow, so be sure to read all of them to ensure they are followed.

Answers must follow all posted forum guidelines and Daybreak Games Terms of Service.

Only posts made in the Lore & trivia thread will be accepted. Answers in private messages to staff will not be counted. 

Participants understand that admins can see edits, including timestamps, to posts and will accept admin rulings regarding responses. 

  • All off-topic posts will be removed without notice, and possible warnings will be issued. 

This event will take place solely on the official EverQuest Forum, and we will not be accepting entries from Twitter/X, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social websites, including but not limited to, Reddit and Discord. Participants must have an account on the forum to win.  

No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Sponsored by Daybreak Games.  

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