As you casually look about in the tower, you sense that the shinies you are finding are trying to tell you something, and it seems important! After a bit, you realize it seems to be pointing out where to go and get the key for the second tower door! Once you have obtained the key and proceed to use it, you notice the door is excessively warm to the touch. What could that mean? Are you sure you’re ready for the dangers that await you behind the door? Of course, you are!

Follow the shinies to find your way to the key to open the door. May the god of your choice watch over you as you face the perils of not only obtaining the key but fighting whatever abomination lurks behind that door. If you have not slain what lives behind the first door, you will still be able to challenge them as well. Previously unlocked doors and Heroic Adventures will be up all year! Venture carefully and true, dear warrior!

Don’t forget to seek out Miacallie Herlsas to see what wares are available for your timeless tokens while you’re in the tower.

Learn more about the Anniversary Tower here. 

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