Beta has come and gone, and it’s now time for Night of Shadows to go live!

With a sudden rumble and roar, Norrath and Luclin are on the verge of absolute, explosive chaos. Rumors of an imprisoned Great Spirit have begun to spread. Meanwhile, as other factions reclaim their territories further enraging their counterparts, one particular clan is on the verge of outright panic. With Shadow Haven in ruins, Shar Vhal in complete turmoil, and the recent earthquake that opened a pass in Firefall, things are looking dire and bleak. Everything is putting the entire world at risk, and the call for heroes and heroines to step up is imminent.

According to shadowy voices, the key to surviving the unfolding events will be you. But how will any meddling in the affairs of the Great Spirits prevent all-out war? What happened to all the animal spirits that were sent to Luclin and how does that affect what is about to go down?

Night of Shadows features:

  • Explore Norrath and Luclin like never before in all new zones.
  • Challenge your skills and might in all new raids.
  • Earn exciting rewards through new missions.
  • Earn even more rewards through new quests.
  • Like to collect shinies? We’ve got those too.
  • Introducing the Tradeskill Depot!

Will you and your fellow adventurers be able to muster the courage and strength to overcome the impending chaos?

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