Q: What is the Tradeskill Component Depot?

A: The Tradeskill Component Depot is a banker-accessible place where you can deposit and withdraw the components used in tradeskill recipes. Additionally, you can use the components in your Depot in tradeskilling attempts from anywhere in the world without being at a bank.


Q: What kind of items can go into the Depot?

A: An item must be a tradeskill item and stackable to be deposited. The item also cannot be no-trade, temporary, attunable, or no storage.


Q: How many items can the Personal Depot hold?

A: The Personal Depot will start with 250 slots and can be extended up to 5000 slots. Each item slot can hold up to 99,999 in the stack. The Collector’s edition of the expansion starts with 370 slots, and the Premium and Friends & Family editions start with 490 slots. (Read more about the expansion editions here.)


Q: How do I get more Depot slots?

A: Additional Depot slots can be purchased in the Marketplace. You can purchase 20 slots for 500 DBC.


Q: Do I need to buy additional Depot slots on every server?

A: No, additional slot purchases apply to the account on all servers.


Q: If additional slots count on all servers, does that mean I can use the same Depot for all characters on all servers?

A: No, each server will have its own Depot that can only be used by characters on that account for that server. For example, your Personal Depot on Firiona Vie is completely different from your Personal Depot on Bristlebane.


Q: Who can access my Personal Depot?

A: Your Personal Depot can be accessed by any character on your account on the same server, just like the shared bank.


Q: What expansion do I need to use the Personal Depot?

A: Accounts who have purchased the Night of Shadows expansion will be able to use the Personal Depot on all servers, including progression servers that do not have any expansions yet.


Q: I have 10 stacks of 1000 Blue Diamonds. Will they take up 10 slots in the Tradeskill Component Depot?

A: No, items in the Personal Depot stack up to 99,999. However, you can only have one stack of an item. So, if you have more than 99,999 of an item, you can only deposit 99,999 of it.


Q: Does this mean that when I withdraw a stack from my Depot it will stack up to 99,999?

A: No, stacking up to 99,999 only applies to items while they are in your Depot. When you withdraw items back into your inventory, they are restricted to the normal stack size.


Q: What happens if I try to withdraw a stack of 99,999 items and don’t have enough room in my inventory?

A: You’ll only be able to withdraw one max stack at a time. For example, you have 5,000 Noodles in your Personal Depot and the max stack size for Noodles is 1,000. If you want to withdraw them all, you’ll need to withdraw 1,000 Noodles at a time.


Q: Do I need to be in my house / a particular zone to use the Depot?

A: You can view and consume items from your Depot in any zone. You can only withdraw or deposit items while at a bank.


Q: Can I use the Depot with containers in my inventory or only the containers in the zones?

A: You can use the Depot with both inventory-held containers as well as world containers, such as brewing barrels found in many home cities.


Q: How do I use items from the Depot while crafting?

A: When crafting, select the “Personal Depot” checkbox in the Tradeskill window. Items that will be used from your Personal Depot will have a blue background instead of green.


Q: Can I use items from my Personal Depot to experiment and discover new recipes?

A: No, you can only use the Personal Depot when doing regular combines with recipes you know from the Tradeskill Window.


Q: What happens to tools (items that are part of a recipe and always returned) when doing combines from my Personal Depot?

A: If an item is always returned (regardless of success or failure) and it was in your Personal Depot, it will return to your Personal Depot after completing a tradeskill combine. Remember, tools can only be placed in the Depot if they are not no-trade, temporary, attunable, or no storage.


Q: Will items in my Personal Depot transfer servers with me?

A: No, items will not transfer with your character, similar to how the shared bank works. You would need to move the items you wish to transfer into your inventory, regular bank, or Dragon’s Hoard.


Q: Will the Find Item window include the Personal Depot?

A: Yes! The Find Item window will search your Personal Depot if Personal Depot is checked. However, you will not be able to grab items directly from the Find Item window.


Q: My Personal Depot has so many items in it, how do I find one specific item to withdraw?

A: At the top of the Tradeskill Depot window, you’ll find a text input and a Search button. You can enter a partial item name and hit Search to filter the items listed.


Q: Will the /outputfile command include items in the Personal Depot?

A: As long as your Personal Depot is loaded (meaning you’re at a bank and the Tradeskill Depot window is up or you’re tradeskilling and have Personal Depot checked on the Tradeskill Window) it will be included when you use /outputfile inventory.


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