Welcome to Tier 2! Now that you’ve had a chance to delve into Paludal Caverns and defend Shar Vahl from internal rebellions, let’s dive right into what you can tackle next at noon PST on February 4, 2023:


Shadow Haven Two – When One Door Closes

  • Something has clearly caused massive destruction in Shadow Haven. Some witnesses—though not consistent with others—claim that a monster rampaged through the old door smashing it to pieces. It then wreaked havoc inside, eventually returning through the shattered doorway. However, looking at it now, it seems that such a tale can't be true since the door is there and as solid as ever…

Deepshade Raid 1 – Myconid Mutiny

  • Sporali living in the Deepshade have been restless under the thumb of some sort of manic artist. Their chaotic, dangerous behavior is hindering efforts to find out what lies at the heart of the moonquake and the destruction happening around it. The only way forward is to stop the sporali before they bring their chaos to other places on Luclin.

Deepshade Raid 2 – Dance of the Demiurge

  • Madness has gripped the mysterious Malthshisku who believes he can be a greater creator of all things than those that came before. He is apparently planning his future efforts in the form of a play. He watches from an unknown location as his minions play out what his reign would look like. There is only one way to bring this self-appointed deity out to face justice.


Time is of the essence to keep Luclin from sinking into utter chaos so keep those swords sharpened, ignore the stains of war on your armor, and summon as much courage as possible! Shadow Haven and Deepshade need heroes like you to vanquish the evils within while also earning some incredible rewards for your bravery. To arms!


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