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Community News - August 2017

Polymorph Wands Now Available on Progression Servers!


Have you been playing on a Progression Server but secretly wishing you could transform yourself into something else? Now you can! Illusions are now available to players on all Progression Servers!


Polymorph Wands can be purchased in the Marketplace for 750 Daybreak Cash, and will allow players to procure the illusion of being someone or something else. On Progression Servers, stat bonuses for each illusion will be expansion restricted. This means that you will be able to use Polymorph Wands to visually transform, but will not recieve the illusion's stat buffs until the appropriate expansion has been reached. 


Forest Fairy Illusion


More Polymorph Wands will become available for each server as related expansion content is added over time. For example, Taelosian illusions are only available on servers that have Gates of Discord expansion content unlocked.

Which Polymorph Wand will you be using for your own illusory transformation?