New Raid Banner: 

You’re already familiar with the standard Guild Banner and its options, and today we’re introducing a new Raid Banner option for guilds. With it, you’ll become even more powerful and able to take on tougher encounters with a bit more ease and swiftness. Once you and your guildmates are assembled and the Superior Standard option is selected, plant it and see increases to various attributes and stats. 

This new feature for Guild Banners will be available six months after a new expansion launches on live servers. On Progression servers except Vaniki, these banners will be available one month after an expansion unlocks. These banners will not spawn on Vaniki. Note: If a zone blocks raid banners, it will also block these banners. The Superior Standard may only be placed in instance zones. Also, future progression servers may have rulesets that will require changes to the Raid Banner functionality and timing on that server, but we will absolutely give you an early heads-up if that’s the case. 

Time to put down that flagon and grab your best gear. You’ve got a raid calling your name! 


Claws of Veeshan Free for All: 

Claws of Veeshan is joining the free-to-play list of expansions. Rise to the challenge! Face the ancient dragons of Velious and bring them to account for their actions! Are you ready? 

Check out the trailer we premiered back in 2020 here! You can revisit past articles about the expansion by clicking here and here.  

For access, all you have to do is log in. 


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