It’s time to kick off our Scorched Sky Celebration! Once again, Fennin Ro and his son, Solusek Ro, are seeking to grow the ranks of their devotees. To rejoice in the primal power of fire and flame though, you'll need to steel your heart and be ready to face your fears like never before.

New Items for 2023:

  • New Bags for the Marketplace
    • 20 slot bags for servers where the most recent unlocked expansion is Planes of Power to Gates of Discord.
    • 32 slot bags for servers where the most recent unlocked expansion is Omens of War to Prophecy of Ro.
    • 36 slot bags for servers where The Serpent's Spine and later are unlocked, including live servers.

To get started on your adventures, seek out Carlene Snizzlefriz, near the Temple of Solusek Ro, in the Lavastorm Mountains. The Devotee of Flame has been investigating the changing composition of the lava. She is working to protect the local wildlife from unintended changes. Being a devoted follower of Solusek Ro, she is curious if the changing lava can be used for creating new pyrotechnics.

For players over level 100, Keeper Lyne lets Carlene handle the investigation. She is concerned about protecting her lava snails. If you are interested in helping her protect these shelled gastropods, head to the caves in the north of the Lavastorm Mountains. She can be found near the entrance to the Broodlands. Keeper Lyne is available on servers that have reached the Torment of Velious Expansion.

The story continues in six Overseer Quests. Help Char the Brunt and Carlene figure out a mystery plaguing this season of flame.

Are you ready to stare fire, flame, and death in the eye and survive all while partying it up through the smoke and heat? We'll find out today because Scorched Sky Celebration is now live and ends on July 9, 2023 at 11:00 p.m. PDT.


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