The winds begin to blow in earnest calling the followers of Karana to rejoice in his splendor. The Tempest Festival has returned to spread the blessings of Karana as farmers begin to praise the sustaining rains and plentiful harvest. Grab a pint, bang your weapons against your shields, and let the heralding for the Throne of Karana’s Fury begin!  Here is what’s new for this year’s event:

  • Is This Madness
    • Questline and Achievement
      • Begin this new quest series by speaking to Rand Tanlonikan in Barren Coast and try not to go mad.
      • Quests and achievement are available to players level 55 and over, and on servers that have unlocked The Buried Sea.
    • Mission
      • Loyelle Tanlonikan has been enjoying the lights of the storms reflecting in the water of the Buried Sea. She has seen some strange sights and is offering players a chance to investigate.
      • Mission and achievements are available to players level 100 and over, and on servers that have unlocked The Buried Sea.
  • New Collection
    • Curiously Crusty
      • Find the crusty Buried Sea seashells all throughout Barren Coast to complete this collection.

Last year's festivities can also be completed by speaking with Rosalind Mischeva in the Plane of Knowledge. Tempest Festival started today, May 1, 2023, and will end on May 14, 2023 at 11:00 p.m. PDT. If this is your first time participating in the event, click here to learn how to get started.


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