by Ry “Roshen” Schueller

The EverQuest Worlds App received a big update today. Check out a few of the things that are new in this update.

Heroic Journey Quest

This is the newest addition to the mobile quests that get you great rewards. Complete this quest and receive in-game rewards in EverQuest and EverQuest II!

Heroic Journey

Where will you start on your heroic journey?

Unfitted Destrier Saddle

EverQuest reward: Unfitted Destrier Saddle! This can be redeemed for your choice of one of four armored horse mounts.

 Sanguine Runed Greatblade 

EverQuest II reward: Sanguine Runed Greatblade!

EQ Franchise Newsfeed

Keep up-to-date on the go. All of the EQ Franchise News is now available on your mobile device. Easily filter by game to get the news you want to read.

EQ Franchise Newsfeed


EQ Franchise YouTube Feed

Be the first one to see new videos across the EQ Franchise. As with the Newsfeed, you can filter by game to see the latest videos on your favorite game.

EQ Franchise YouTube Feed

For more information on the EverQuest Worlds mobile app, see the page here