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Community News - December 2013

Race and Class Combo Clash: Round One


By: Ry “Roshen” Schueller

Combo Clash Round 1

For the epic 15th Anniversary we’ll be adding a new race and class combination to EverQuest and we wanted to include YOU in this decision! To do this, we’ll be running a multiple round event, where players can vote daily for the race and class combinations that they want to see.

Let your voice be heard! Check out what options there are for you to vote on this round:

Dark Elf Bard vs. Erudite Rogue

The Teir’Dal race recognizes music’s potency, and its value to enhance their dark endeavors. Will that make a Dark Elf Bard a superior choice to an Erudite Rogue?

Outmaneuvering and outthinking your enemies requires true intelligence and quick thinking. Erudites could bring quite a lot to the rogue business.  

Dark Elf Ranger vs. Vah Shir Druid

It is only natural that classes with a connection to the environment around them leave their home cities to explore all the new places being discovered in far off lands. It is known to all Teir’Dal Rangers that nature is most powerful in the dark corners of the world.

On the other hand, Vah Shir Druids have a strong connection to nature, the planet and all of its protectors. Which of these champions of the environment would you like to see in-game?

Players have until the start of the next round to vote on these match ups.

Round Two’s Match Ups (Dec 12 - Dec 18, 2013)
Wood Elf Beastlord vs. Gnome Beastlord
Iksar Berserker vs. Dwarf Shadow Knight

Head on over to the combo clash page to learn even more about this event and to vote on what race and class combination you want to see added to the game on EverQuest’s 15th Anniversary on March 16, 2014!