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Community News - February 2014

Five EverQuest Devs, One Chat Room


Come chat live with the EverQuest Development Team, Thursday, February 13, 2014 at 4PM Pacific.

The Development Team has a lot of great game updates for the 15th Anniversary of EverQuest, and they would love the opportunity to talk with you directly about them. Do you have thoughts about the February patch being discussed here and here? Or maybe you just want to hang out a bit and talk about what else is on your EQ-loving mind? In either case, you definitely won’t want to miss the chance to talk with the EverQuest Team live!

Come hang out with the following game Devs in a live Wikia chatroom, hosted on the official EverQuest Wikia page:

  • Thom “Phathom” Terrazas
  • Jonathan “Prathun” Caraker
  • Jenn “JChanSOE” Chan
  • Ed “Aristo” Hardin
  • Doug “Elidroth” Cronkhite

How do you log into this chatroom?

If you’re already logged into the EverQuest Wikia, you can use this easy link

If you haven’t created a Wikia account yet, you can do so by signing up using the link at the top right of the page here

The EverQuest Development Team looks forward to chatting with you soon! What will you talk about with them?