Last week we had some great announcements and then many of you were raising question about the elephant in the room – When is the next Game Update? When is Tier IV going to be available?

Well, that moment is now. We are opening up Beta today – Officially! If you have signed up for Beta with Rain of Fear and/or Shadow of Fear, you can get into the last saga of the Rain of Fear, the Heart of Fear.

The Heart of Fear is a story that started with the House of Thule Expansion in 2010. It continued with the Veil of Alaris in 2011 and has carried through the Rain of Fear expansion in November. We have subsequently delivered the final chapters of this plot in the Shadow of Fear Game Update in April and you discover the climactic ending within the Heart of Fear coming this July.

Beta Forms are live, so log in now to check it out! Here is additional detail on the Heart of Fear:

Heart of Fear

It's time. The desperate battles, relentless hunts, and cutthroat dealings of the past year have all been working up to this moment: the final confrontation with Cazic-Thule's terrifying power. The god of fear is dead, but brave adventurers must enter the final reservoir of his lingering power on Norrath, the Heart of Fear, to conquer its evil once and for all. But brave adventurers are not alone in their quest—a myriad of monsters both familiar and new inhabit the Heart of Fear, hoping to steal Cazic-Thule's power for themselves and ascend to become Norrath's new god of fear. Can you stop them all in time? Can you even find them? A betrayer in your midst is eager to teach you the new meaning of fear. Prepare yourself.


  • Delve into the dark depths of the Heart of Fear, the concentrated essence of Cazic-Thule's lingering power on Norrath.
  • Battle massive creatures of nightmare and discover what's become of the fear god.
  • Obtain and upgrade powerful class-specific weapons while tackling missions and raids.
  • New items available for all classes.
  • New collections to hunt in the Heart of Fear.
  • New missions, raids, and quests available to challenge even the most powerful adventurers.
  • New achievements rewarded for besting challenges in the Heart of Fear.