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On March 28, 2007, we will be merging the EverQuest Progression Servers. Characters will be moved from The Sleeper server to The Combine server and The Combine server will retain its name. The Sleeper server will then be closed.

The scheduled downtime is 4:00 am Pacific Daylight Time (5:00 am MDT, 6:00 am CDT, 7:00 am EDT, -7.00 GMT). The estimated downtime is 10 hours. If this timeframe changes we will update this new article.

The progression server merge is currently going through testing and we expect to have The Combine server back up ahead of schedule.

Unfortunately, due to technical reasons, characters below level 10 that had not been logged on in 6 months needed to be wiped. However, if you need to have your wiped character back, you can submit a petition to get it restored. You will need to petition immediately for a restore though because we cannot guarantee that the deleted character file will be available for an extended period of time.

To help the process go quicker, be sure to include the following information in your restore request:

  • Character Name:
  • Character Level:
  • Character Class:
  • Character Race:
  • Approximate time last logged in:

Below you will find some questions and answers about the merge. If you have any additional questions regarding the merge, feel free to join the Progression Server Merge Feedback Thread on the EQ Official Forums.

Thank you!

Questions and Answers about the Merge:

Q: What will be the name of the server after the merge?
A: Characters will be moved from the Sleeper to the Combine server and the Combine server will retain its name.

Q: What will determine who gets to keep their character names?
A: Characters that have the longest played time will keep the character name. Characters that require a name change will have an x placed at the end of their name.

Q: What will determine which guild gets to keep its name?
A: Guilds with the oldest creation date on these servers will be able keep the guild name on the newly merged server. Guilds that require a guild name change will have an x placed at the end of the name.

Q: If my character name has to be changed how do I change it?
A: Characters that get an x placed on the end of their name due to server merge will receive the one time only ability to change their name via the /changename command. Be sure to loot your corpse BEFORE using the command.

Q: If my guild name has to be changed how do I change it?
A: If a gets an x placed at the end of the guild name due to the merge, only the Guild Leader should /petition to get a new name for the guild. Be sure to provide a list of new guild names that you would prefer in case you are not available when the petition is being addressed. Please do not reserve the guild name with other characters.

Q: Does time in trader mode count toward time played for purposes of deciding who will have the X next to their name?
A: Yes being in trader mode counts towards played time.

Q: How do I make sure I keep my character User Interface and other character settings?
A: If your character switched servers, you can simply, rename the related ini files for your characters in the EverQuest directory. There are two files you will need to change; these files exist whether you have a customized User Interface or not:
  • Character_server.ini - This file stores friends and ignore lists, hotbuttons, ability and combat buttons that have been set.

  • UI_character_server.ini – This file stores the placement of your windows
Example: If your character name is Bobbie on the Sleeper server you would check the EverQuest folder for Bobbie_sleeper.ini and UI_Bobbie_sleeper.ini and change the name to Bobbie_combine.ini and UI_Bobbie_combine.ini.

Q: What will happen to my corpse?
A: It would be best to loot your corpse where available however, corpses will be processed with the merge. If a character gets an x placed on its name, the corpse will also get an x. Be sure to loot your corpse BEFORE using the /changename command.

Q: What happens with my information on EQPlayers?
A: All characters that have been moved from The Sleeper server to The Combine server will need to select Update EQPlayers under Characters in the EQ menu in game. You can also use the /eqplayersupdate command.

Q: What will happen to my Shared Bank slots if I have them on both servers?
A: Everyone should try to clear out their Shared Banks before the move. However, if a shared bank exists on both servers, to access the "second" shared bank, you would have to empty your first one after the merge, log out and back in, and then the other shared bank would be loaded.

Q: Why is The Sleeper being merged into The Combine instead of the other way around?
A: We evaluated both servers and decided to merge The Sleeper into The Combine for a few reasons. The main reason are:
  • The Combine server was created first and the original intent was to have just one server. The Sleeper was an overflow server and split off from The Combine.
  • The Combine has a higher population than The Sleeper.

Q: What happens if I have more than the allotted number of characters due to merge?
A: Characters are listed in alphabetical order. In order to access characters at the bottom of the list if you have more than the allotted characters, you will need to delete one of the displayed characters. Be sure to remove any items that you wish to keep from that character before deleting the character. If for some reason you are not able to delete the character you can petition for assistance.

Q: What will happen to my in-game email on my characters?
A: The in-game email will not be saved with the merge. If you character is moved over from The Sleeper server or if it remained on The Combine server and had to get a name change, it will no longer have the old email. Before the merge takes place you will want to save all email that you wish to keep via the export feature. To use the Export feature, take the following steps:
  1. Open up the e-mail window (ctrl-E).
  2. Select the messages you would like to export by clicking them in the top pane, using shift-click and/or ctrl-click if you would like to select multiple messages.
  3. Click "Export".
  4. The selected messages are then saved to a file in the EverQuest Mail directory with a name in the format:
This export will need to be done with each character that has mail you wish to save.

Visit the Progression Server Discussion forum on the Official EverQuest Forums for further discussion about the merge.