Another way to pay. Another way to play.  SOE All-In-One Game Cards are now available at retailers near you!

SOE Gamer Card

Whether you play an MMO like DC Universe™ Online, EverQuest®, or EverQuest® II, an online virtual world like Star Wars®: Clone Wars Adventures™ or Free Realms™, an online strategy game like PoxNora™ or Magic the Gathering - Tactics™, or a Facebook game like Wildlife Refuge™ or Dungeon Overlord™, this is the card for you.

Each card costs $15 and can be redeemed for your choice of 1500 Station Cash or for 30 days of game time in applicable games;. 

So head on down to your local GameStop starting this week and pick up your SOE All-In-One Game Cards!  You can also look for them at Best Buy, Target, and 7-11 in the near future.  And remember, they make great gifts, too!