February 24, 2011

101 Vanward Heights, Dogwood Acres

I was inspired by Kelethin, the city of my youth. After a lot of thinking as well as looking around at what other people had done I finally decided on and made it look as good as I wanted. Inside I had a hard time finding inspiration. I didn't want it to be like a real life house with sinks and such since this is a fantasy world. So I limited the screenshots to what I have worked on so far.

This is the initial ramp leading into my tree fortress.

This is the 1st large platform complete with a oak growing out the middle of it.

This platform has a koi pond to relax and reflect.

This platform has a great view of the rest of the community

Welcome to the top. Complete with a bar for entertaining on the top of the world!

This bedroom comes complete with a hedge lamp.

The fireplace is still a work in progress.

Spare room.

View of the whole complex.

Another view of the whole complex.

And finally because no true druid lives absent a druid ring and some of Tunare's creatures.



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