It's time for the Pegasi to come to EverQuest! What could be better than traveling the lands of Norrath mounted on a majestic winged steed? Of course we'll have light and dark colored versions, but we didn't stop there!

The Noble Pegasus

The Sinister Ony Skystrider

In addition to the two Pegasi displayed above, there will be several armored versions!

An Onyx Skystrider in Parade Armor

A Battle Armored Pegasus

We even have a more exotic version, sure to appeal to those truly adventurous amongst you that desire the most distinctive and unique mounts!

The Dreadmare is Truly Terrifying

In an upcoming patch we'll also be enabling Paladins and Shadowknights to obtain special versions of these mounts in game. We'll announce more about that as we come closer to the date. Since we know you'll be curious about these versions, we've included a couple shots of them as well!

Paladins will receive a Battle Armored Pegasus

Shadowknights will be able to get a Parade Armored Onyx Skystrider

So log into EverQuest today and check out the Pegasi now available through the Marketplace!