Need a break from your regular game? Looking for something different?

We've got it! PAYDAY™ The Heist launched on the PSN in North America Yesterday, October 18th!


Payday is a squad-based first person shooter, with action-packed scenarios that let players take on the role of hardened career criminals executing intense, dynamic heists in constant pursuit of the next "big score." The intense, complex gameplay will challenge even hardcore veterans of the genre in a Hollywood-inspired crime tour. 

PAYDAY: The Heist - The Diamond Heist



Replayability is a key feature in the six scenarios, involving hostages, bank vaults and lots of opposition at every turn – they never play the same way twice due to the adaptive enemy AI. Load out an array of weaponry and equipment, unlock even more features and navigate the high-stake heists with three other live or A.I. Co-Op partners in crime.

Creators of PAYDAY: The Heist – Bo and Ulf Andersson with Actor Freddy Rodriguez and Director of PayDay: The Heist (the motion picture) Demian Lichenstein

We are thrilled that the game is now available in North America, as a downloadable title on the PlayStation®Network. The PC version will follow hot on its heels on Steam, so watch for it! We also look forward to an overseas launch for PS3 in the near future, and will announce it as soon as we can.



Official launch party for PAYDAY: The Heist – all sorts of folks getting their game faces on!

It's time for a PAYDAY™ - Cash in Before you Cash Out! 

Eager for more info? Head over to OverKill Software's website to get all of the info on this adrenaline-filled game.  Share the details of your heists on PAYDAY's Facebook page.