The EverQuest®Veil of Alaris ™ – Digital Collector's Edition is a cornucopia of EverQuest Goodness, and we've gotten so many inquiries as to the nature of the contents we just had to give you all a closer look!

To recap our last announcement, here are the contents of the EverQuest Veil of Alaris Digital Collector's Edition:

EverQuest®Veil of Alaris ™ – Digital Collector's Edition

  • Includes VoA and All Previous Expansion Packs
  • Includes all of the following in-game items
    • Desert Kangon Saddle
    • Traveler's Rucksack
    • Journeyman's Pocketed Rucksack
    • Forest Kangon Saddle
    • Swinetor Contract
    • Concept Art Painting #1
    • Concept Art Painting #2
    • Sentry Stone Replica
    • Painting: Veil of Alaris

Pre-Order is available here!

The two biggest questions on people's minds have been "How many of these items are included with the Digital Collector's Edition" and "What do these look like in game?" With that in mind, let's go through them and look at all the nitty gritty details!

Desert Kangon and Forrest Kangon

The Desert and Forrest Kangons are truly interesting and unique mounts in EverQuest, and purchasers of the Digital Collector's Edition will be able to claim these mounts on all of their characters. Both have unique color schemes that give them a truly captivating appearance!

The Desert Kangon

The Forrest Kangon

The House Items

The Traveler's Rucksack and Journeyman's Pocketed Rucksack are 24 slot and 32 slot bags respectively, and will each be claimable once per account. Never fear if you decide to give them to another one of your characters, however. The bags are heirlooms and can be freely traded amongst characters on the same account!

The House Items

There are a lot of House Items packed in to the Digital Collector's Edition. These include: the Concept Art Paintings #1 and #2, the Sentry Stone Replica, and the Painting: Veil of Alaris. Sure to bring a dash of style to any home, these items are claimable on each one of your characters.

A foreboding Sentry Stone

A Swinetaur Companion

Finally we come to one of the most anticipated items in the Digital Collector's Edition, the Swinetaur Contract. This contract, claimable once again on all your characters, gives the ability for players to hire a Swinetaur Mercenary rather than one of the more commonly available varities. Depending on the type of mercenary hired, the Swinetaur Merc may have one of four different appearances.

A Swinetaur Tank

A Swinetaur Healer

A Swinetaur Wizard

A Swinetaur Rogue

So there you have it folks! Now you've seen the contents of the Digital Collector's Edition. What do you think?