Legends of Norrath: The Jarsath Destroyer

The Jarsath Destroyer

Wandering the Jarsath Wastes of Kunark is a massive golem construct known as the Crystalline Destroyer. Some of the denizens of the Wastes worship the Destroyer as if it were their god, in defiance of the true pantheon of Norrath.

Now you can own this legendary golem, along with nine other cards for Legends of Norrath! Five archetype and four generic unit cards are included, including the Crystalline Destroyer, plus a generic ability card to make ten new cards total. With the purchase of The Jarsath Destroyer you receive two of each of these cards, plus a guaranteed loot card for EQ or EQII.

This pack features the new gameplay keyword "Advance." This is the counterpart to the "Blockade" keyword introduced in set 13, Priestess of the Anarchs. Whenever you apply an ability to a quest where you have one or more units with the Advance keyword, that ability creates one more level token!

But wait, there's more! With your first purchase of The Jarsath Destroyer, you'll also receive a new 55-card generic deck built with cards that will stay in the Standard environment for a long time. It features cards like Fippy's Paw, Young Wyvern, Misdirect, and Surprise Attack. It's a great way to explore the special challenge of building a quality deck that has no archetype cards. We've also included the new generic avatar, Dallyn Estarim!

Here's a glimpses of some of the new cards in The Jarsath Destroyer Pack:

Defiler of the Moon (pictured above)

This unit is the meanest kind of shadow card; she carries hatred for the opposite faction. Any time your opponent plays any light card, you can exert the Defiler of the Moon to deal 1 damage to his avatar. She also has the Blockade keyword first seen in Priestess of the Anarchs (See Mystic of the Sun, also in this set, a functional mirror of this card).

Officer of the Dead

She's a shadow unit that just wants things to die. The Officer of the Dead doesn't care who kills them, or even if they're friendly or an enemy. Every dead unit is merely another token to bend to her will.

Like all such cards, this token generator can get to insane levels with the right deck build.

Drachnid Widow Guard

The Widow is a healer for other unit cards in your deck that have the Drachnid trait. She functions rather like a Bard song to healing friendly Drachnids. She also carries the Advance keyword, first seen here in The Jarsath Destroyer pack. Apply an ability to a quest where you have an Advance unit, and get an extra level token. Again, Advance is the opposite of Blockade, and is a great addition to any deck that quests to win.

Dracurion Skyguard

Yet another card featuring the Advance keyword, this Droag shadow unit provides an extra level token when you apply an ability at his quest. His game text provides a synergistic card draw at the same time, so the Skyguard is a double boost to any questing deck.

Mithaniel Marr's Vengeance

Have you enjoyed using Cazic Thule's Condemnation to deal damage to your light faction opponent? Now you can use Mithaniel Marr's Vengeance for your other decks that need some hate for a shadow opponent! These cards are brutal against builds that change faction multiple times during a single game.

Pack Contents (2 each of 10 cards plus a loot card)

  • Halcyon Ascetic
  • Officer of the Dead
  • Defiler of the Moon
  • Mystic of the Sun
  • Skillful Killer
  • Erudite Punisher
  • Drachnid Widow Guard
  • Dracurion Skyguard
  • Mithaniel Marr's Vengeance
  • Crystalline Destroyer

EQ and EQII Loot

One of the fun aspects of Legends of Norrath: The Jarsath Destroyer is that every pack contains a piece of EQ or EQII loot depending on your preferences. Everyone loves a fun loot item in their favorite MMO, and this pack definitely delivers!

For EverQuest fans Legends of Norrath: The Jasarth Destroyer will include the ever so creepy and cute Girplan illusion. Float about on spindly wings wreaking havoc or mischief, it's your choice!

The bickering Estarim family can't get along with each other, but they can certainly get along to their next destination with some fine looking mounts. You can now ride the same stunning steeds that these legends use to ride across Norrath. There's one for every member of the extended family: patriarch Dallyn, matriarch Meleen, the kids Rhyan and Balebri, and their bodyguard, Tahka. Collect all five for your stableā€¦the horses don't disagree with each other like their masters do!

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