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Legends of Norrath: The Jarsath Destroyer is now available! Legends of Norrath: The Jarsath Destroyer is an all new mini-set for the Legends of Norrath Trading Card Game. Each fixed pack contains:

  • 2 copies each of 10 brand new gameplay cards
  • 1 loot card per pack (redeemable in EverQuest or EverQuest II depending upon your in-game settings)
    • EQ : Girplan Illusion
    • EQII : 1 of 5 randomly inserted mounts from the Estarim family

    The powerful gameplay in this mini-set whets your appetite for the full set coming in early 2012 that wraps up the story of the Anarchs.

    In addition to the 10 new gameplay cards available in The Jarsath Destroyer, with your first purchase you will receive a new generic deck built with cards that should stay in the Standard environment for a long time. It features cards like Fippy's Paw, Young Wyvern, Misdirect, and Surprise Attack. It's a great way to explore the special challenge of building a quality deck that has no archetype cards.

    Also with your first purchase you'll obtain a new generic avatar: Dallyn Estarim, the patriarch of the contentious family that is the focus of the LON Anarchs block. He has a simple exert action that exchanges the top card of your deck for one of the cards in your hand. It's always nice to have options!

    Legends of Norrath: The Jarsath Destroyer retails for $9.99 via the LON Store and will be available from the EQ and EQII Marketplaces as well.

    LoN: Jarsath Destroyer Pack


    Girplan Illusion
    Girplan Illusion for EverQuest
    1 of 5 Estarim mounts
    1 of 5 Estarim mounts for EverQuest II
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