Is there some Legends of Norrath loot that you’ve wanted to add to your inventory, but it’s evaded you thus far? Perhaps your luck lies with the “Legend of the Oathbound!”

Visage of the Bixie Drone 

Each “Legend of the Oathbound” pack costs 999SC and contains two (2) random loot rewards that were originally available from the first three Legends of Norrath sets: Oathbound, Forsworn, and Inquisitor. There are also some of the loot rewards that were first available as tournament and promotional rewards. There are 90 different pieces of loot available in the “Legend of the Oathbound” packs. Each of these loot items can be traded between players until they’ve been used for the first time on a character.

Nimbus of the Jester 

Also among the loot is a special new item called the “Legend of the Oathbound – Jester.” This special item, unlike the Legend of the Oathbound packs themselves, can be traded. If you open a “Legend of the Oathbound” pack and receive a Jester, you can trade that to someone else or redeem it yourself for two random pieces of loot that are available from the Legend of the Oathbound packs.

These new loot packs are coming to the EverQuest Marketplace tomorrow, on Wednesday, April 22, 2015. But hurry – the “Legend of the Oathbound” loot packs will not be in the Marketplace forever, and Legend of the Oathbound packs go into the Norrathian Vault at 12:00PM PDT on Wednesday, July 22, 2015.

So if you’ve been seeking LON loot, get these packs (or bundles of packs at a discount) while you still can!