Now that Legend of the Oathbound has retired from the marketplace, a new loot pack is ready to take its place. Introducing: Legend of the Oathbreaker.

Mask of Nurga

Like the previous pack before, each “Legend of the Oathbreaker” pack costs 999 DBC and contains two (2) random loot rewards that were originally available in the following Legends of Norrath sets: Oathbreaker, Ethernauts, and Against the Void. 

And once again, the “Legend of the Oathbreaker– Jester” item is available! This special item, unlike the Legend of the Oathbreaker packs themselves, can be traded. If you open a “Legend of the Oathbreaker” pack and receive a Jester, you can trade that to someone else or redeem it yourself for two random pieces of loot that are available from the “Legend of the Oathbreaker” packs.

Familiar of Trakanon

These new loot packs will be available starting on Wednesday, July 22, 2015. However, these are a limited time item! They will disappear into the Norrathian vault, just like the previous pack! 

If there’s LON loot from Oathbreaker, Ethernauts, or Against the Void that you’ve been trying to get, now’s your chance! Pick up a “Legend of the Oathbreaker” pack (or a bundle of packs!) in the Marketplace.