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Community News - August 2016

Living Legacy Raids: Round Two!


Living Legacy Raids are back! The first two, Marathon and Sprint, will be ending today (August 17) at 11:00PM PT. But fear not, because two MORE Living Legacy Raids begin today as well! These raids that start today will be available until Wednesday, August 31 at 11:00PM PT.

Here are the raids that begin today!

Living Legacy Raid #3: Endurance
Dougan Merule barely escaped with his life from the Sandkeep. His wife was not so lucky. Will you travel to the Southern Desert of Ro to offer Dougan assistance in rescuing his wife Rayna from the clutches of Eothar? Only the strongest adventurers can endure their onslaught!

This raid is intended for players that are level 75 and higher.

Living Legacy Raid #4: Battle Prowess
Denlin Merodon, Herald of Zebuxoruk, is gathering groups of Norrath’s mightiest heroes. Seek him out in the Plane of Knowledge if your allies have the battle prowess to face the Avatar of Despair! May you succeed where so many before you have failed!

This raid is intended for players that are level 75 and higher.

Each of these raids has a scalable augment that is rewarded based on how well your raid performs.

For more information, check out Fanra’s wiki!

Don’t miss out on your chance to attempt these raids and receive these rewards again, for a limited time!