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Community News - June 2014

New Call of the Forsaken Spells and AAs!


By: Ry “Roshen” Schueller

New Spells and Alternative Advancement Abilities (AAs) will become available after the Wednesday, June 18, 2014 patch to players that own the Call of the Forsaken expansion!

Call of the Forsaken


Players can find the new spells in the same places other Call of the Forsaken spells are found.

  • Rank I spells are available from the same vendors in Ethernere-Tainted West Karana.
  • Rank II spells are available for Marks of Valor from Requisitioner Rhies. Tradable versions of these spells drop from named mobs and have a smaller chance to drop from anything in most Heroic Adventures.
  • Rank III spells are available by turning in a Captured Essence of Ethernere to Requisitioner Sheon.

Requisitioner Sheon

New AAs can be found in a character’s Alternative Advancement Abilities tab.

If you don’t already own Call of the Forsaken, you can get more information on this expansion here

What is your favorite new Spell or Alternative Advancement Ability coming to players that own the Call of the Forsaken expansion?