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Community News - April 2014

A Newbie in Norrath: Moors, Planes, and Woods


By: Erin “Stellara” Oakley

Let me begin my tale with a confession. Back when I originally played, there was an Enchanter I used to group with often. She always had a ton of Plat thanks to donations from those sweet Clarity buffs (I spent a small fortune on them myself), and had purchased a pretty white horse with her profits. Since I am chronically terrible with money in MMOs, I was always so, so jealous! Well, guess what?

Stellara Pegasus 

My pony is prettier! (Thank you, Marketplace.)

Having satisfied an old rivalry, I decided to head off to Blightfire Moors. Charming name! (The infestation of rats and snakes, creepy fog, and weird dissonant violin music doesn’t exactly help the real estate value, either.) After helping reduce the creepy crawly population, I went off in search of ogre skeletons for a quest in Crescent Reach. I found a few of them circling a ruined tower, just waiting to be lit on fire.

Stellara Witch

Turns out the skeletons belong to Scary McWitchface, and she doesn’t like it when you mess with them. I managed to Gate back to safety, sacrificing my poor elemental to ensure my escape. Note to self: /con more often.

After recovering and resummoning, I ventured back to Blightfire Moors. What’s this? A statue of a book? Hey, it’s the good old Plane of Knowledge!

Stellara POK

Nostalgia set in as I tried to remember where to go, but soon I have my reward: ALL the spells! In true nerdy Mage fashion, I spent some time happily perched in the library, organizing my spellbook by type. I also pick up a healer Mercenary, which ends up working out great: my pet tanks, I nuke, and the merc heals and buffs (and never goes afk for pizza.) 

I noticed each time I ding that a little box pops up to tell me where to go to level next - that’s new, and very convenient. This time, it told me that I would do well to check out Warsliks Woods, which is an experience “hot zone.” Sounds intriguing! 

After I navigated through the Field of Bone (All these ominous zones! Where’s the Field of Kittens?), I made it out to the Woods. The trees hung down so low that it’s quite claustrophobic, not to mention disorienting. This is one zone where my pegasus isn’t helping:

Stellara Woods

Undeterred, I set out to explore. And by “explore,” I mean “get hopelessly lost.” (The blank map doesn’t help.)  I keep finding this hut with four silent iksars, but they’re no help.

Stellara Iksar

I started to get the feeling that they’re were following me through the woods and setting up camp each time just to troll me. 

Finally, I happen upon a camp of forest giants, and spend the rest of my session taking ‘em out, just for old-times-xp-grind-sake. I’m impatient to get up to the higher levels so I can start checking out some group content.

Stellara Giants

Veterans, help me out! What are your favorite zones for going from levels 20 to 30? 


Till next time,