As the nights become longer and more obscured, you might be starting to notice faint shrieks and howls off in the distance in the wilds of Norrath. That's because Nights of the Dead is here!

Starting October 13, 2021 at 12:00 a.m. PDT and lasting until November 9, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. PDT, all adventurers not too spooked to explore the sources of those shrieks and howls can once again enjoy the spoils of Nights of the Dead.

Returning this year will be Zigan Ribshard in the Plane of Knowledge. He is hoping that there will be some brave adventurers to assist a few of his friends in the Kithicor Forest. That bloody forest is not unique in the haunting of Norrath. Many creatures are running amuck in the Greater Faydark, Crescent Reach, Toxxulia Forest, and the Qeynos Hills.

No one knows how much longer Edmund Strangeways will be among the living, he is close to needing his own grave and can still be found in the Plane of Knowledge collecting his share of flesh. While you are sorting your tatters of leather, you may also want to check in with Illis Taberish. His nightmares are continuing and may ruin his holiday.

The Plains of Karana are notoriously infested with Scarecrows. The farmers there are always looking for help when it comes to controlling the Scarecrow rampage. It has been rumored that the Witch responsible for their furor has in fact found her voice. Cikdew has a new request for adventurous aides, who don’t mind doing a little dirty work.

New this year Minda and Tukk of the Western Plains of Karana are hosting a celebration for their ancestors. They have hired pumpkin farmer Arlien Browch to deliver a large supply of pumpkins. She has been seen heading towards the Commonlands, on her journey towards Minda and Tukks farm. It seems that she has been a bit unlucky and has been having some trouble controlling her squashes. Could it be that the season has taken root within her gourds?

Haunted Jack and Spooky Sally will also be returning to sell their fiendish holiday treats in your local hometown. Make sure to stop by for all your sweet tooth needs.

With so many quests, achievements, rewards, and pets to earn, you'd be better off joining the dead than to miss out on this year's event. Will you have control over your fear long enough to venture into the darkness? If so, let the hauntingly spooky fun begin!