The race is on! Adventurers across Norrath are working together to see who has the might and bravery to take on the new challenge of the Quarm Event Server. And the Marketplace has a bundle that may just help you get started on your new journey! 

Introducing: The Quarm Starter Bundle 

Available for 5999DBC, this bundle includes:

  • Four 28 slot 100% weight reduction bags. Each has its own name and a different color bag icon.
  • One Double Faction Potion
  • Two Bottles of Adventure III
  • One Metamorph Token: Murkglider


What is a Murkglider? It’s this:

Murkglider Pet GIF

This little guy, first seen in Omens of War, is available as a pet for the first time in this new starter bundle! 

The Quarm Starter Bundle is available for 5999DBC in the Marketplace on Quarm and most other servers* for a limited time. This bundle will be retired to the vault when we reach the end of the Quarm event server. Get yours today!

*The Quarm Starter Bundle is not available to purchase on Ragefire, Lockjaw, or Phinigel servers.