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Community News - January 2016

Reminder to Clear Your Old Shadowrest Corpses


We’re going to start clearing out old Shadowrest corpses on February 10th, 2016. Please travel to Shadowrest and loot your items from your corpses before then.

Shadowrest EverQuest Corpse

We’re talking about VERY old corpses from back when corpses still had items left on them (over FIVE years ago), we recommend you take a moment to clean up your Shadowrest corpses if you think that there’s any chance that there are items still out there waiting to be looted.

When this happens, we’ll be parcel mailing to your characters any items that are still on a corpse, before we get rid of those corpses forever. This has the possibility of filling up your parcel boxes. If your parcel box fills up,you’ll lose items that are over the cap.

Instructions on How to Clean Your Shadowrest Corpses:

If you get a message saying "You currently have a corpse present in Shadowrest" when you log in, you probably want to pay Shadowrest a visit!

Once in Shadowrest, hail Keeper of Lost Things. Say [bodies] to the Keeper to get the number of corpses that the Keeper has stored and to get the instructions on how to retrieve your corpses. Once you have summoned your corpses, right click on the corpses and loot all of your items. You may need to use the command /corpsedrag if your corpses are stacked in a location that you cannot target.

Note: You still may have items on corpses in Shadowrest even if you don't get this message when you log in.


We appreciate everyone that makes the effort to go through their old corpses before February!