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Community News - January 2016

Account-to-Account Transfers Open for Ragefire, Lockjaw & Phinigel


Today we’re opening up the Account-to-Account transfer service to our progression servers, Ragefire, Lockjaw and Phinigel!

 Ragefire, Lockjaw, Phinigel Progression Servers

Account-to-Account transfers are a way that players can manage their characters. This service allows people to move characters from a single to multiple accounts so those characters can play together at the same time, or move characters spread across multiple accounts into one account to help save on membership dollars each month.

BEFORE you transfer a character from one account to another, remember that you need to contact our Customer Support team! For more information about this, see the knowledge base article here.

We’re happy to be opening this up to the players on our newest servers, and we appreciate your continued support!